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PBO Properties

At PBO Properties our goal is to always give our customers the very best service. And at the same time we strive to be trendsetters in the rental of all types of properties as well as the sale of new or completely renovated properties.


We aim to make it easy, quick, efficient and inexpensive for the buyer. We have developed a new concept for property transactions and have eliminated unnecessary costs for the buyer in connection with the purchase. Among others we offer to move your furniture and belonging at no cost, free legal advice and a team of workmen at your disposal.


When you chose PBO Properties you choose a company that is 100% independent of estate agencies, credit institutions, banks and insurance companies. We only have one goal - to ensure a good deal no matter whether it is purchase or rental. The properties at PBO properties are unique. We build, renovate and decorate the apartments ourselves. Take a look at our website and be convinced. The apartments are decorated and renovated to fit the highest standard and are situated in all the best areas of Copenhagen. Should the decoration or lay-out not be 100% to your liking, we have a team of workmen who can quickly modify anything in the apartment, so it is exactly how you wish.


All our properties are carefully selected by us and decorated and renovated as if they were for ourselves. Therefore, all apartments at PBO Properties live up to our own high standards and requirements of what a home should be. Of course we will make sure that it is a good and safe investment. We sell and rent out all types of properties in and outside of Copenhagen. Give us a call and find out what we can offer you.

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